Texting A Girl Could Be A Stressful Thing

Panic, lack of self-confidence and confusion are not only felt by women when going on a date because the same thing was also felt by men. Many women think and want to know the secret, how do men still look calm and confident when approaching women? But the fact is, in themselves, they feel extraordinary panic, even men feel stressed when approaching women. This was revealed by a men’s magazine that conducted a survey, which makes a single man frustrated when approaching a woman. And the biggest problem that can make men stress is how to text a girl.

In the survey, 32 percent of men claimed to be confused about what to say when they wanted to send BBM (Blackberry Messenger), text or other short messages to the woman he liked. Sending short messages becomes the most stressful thing for men because they want to try to start a new relationship. Just like women, men will over-analyze women. They will also be overthinking when their crush is not replying to their text immediately or they feel that the women ignore him. That is why sometimes many people look too eager or even seems desperate when texting a girl simply because they feel anxious but that is a bad thing to do because your crush will be lost interest when you are having high hopes in texting.

Just like everyone in almost any situation, starting a conversation could be a daunting task. 32 percent of men claimed to be confused when going to start a conversation with women. Before dating or calling a woman he likes, he will look for chatter and find out what she likes to be discussed in the conversation. Even so, men still feel panicked when going to start a chat with their crush. This is because many people will try to hard to impress their crush rather than letting them know their true identity and authentic self.

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