Thermal Imaging Camera From Flir

Thermal cameras are now a trend and are widely used by teenagers.
In addition to the unique image results, because it displays thermal images, a thermal camera can also be used on our smartphones.
One of the largest infrared and thermography camera manufacturers in the world, Flir Systems, again launched the third generation of Flir One.
For those who are unfamiliar with Flir One, this device is a small camera module that can be paired to a smartphone, and immediately it gives ‘superpower’ to see the temperature of all objects.
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The Flir One Gen 3 carries a new design that is sweeter than its predecessor.
The connector now relies on USB-C for the Android version, which means it can be installed facing forward or facing the owner of the cellphone – potentially leading to a new trend of thermography selfie.
Furthermore, both the iPhone and Android versions are equipped with adjustable connectors – can be stretched to be up to four millimeters in length – so that the Flir One can still be installed on the cellphone wrapped in the casing.
This feature clearly adds to the practicality of the Flir One, since most users wear it in the field, which means the casing has become a necessity.

Flir does not forget to perfect the companion application, which is now also compatible with the Apple Watch and some Android Wear smartwatches, so users can view live streams or take photos or thermal videos directly from their wrists.
Along with the Flir One, there is also the Flir One Pro which has a more resilient body, claimed to be hardiness from a height of 1.8 meters.
Not only that, but the resolution is also four times higher than the standard Flir One – 160 x 120 compared to 80 x 60.
Besides being able to capture thermal images in more detail, the Flir One Pro also seems to be able to detect higher heat – up to 400º Celsius, compared to the standard Flir One which is only 120º C.
Both the Flir One Pro and the standard Flir One are equipped with their own battery one hour without absorbing extra energy from the cellphone.

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