You Must Know Some Of The Best Types Of Wood For Furniture

Termites are one of the most disturbing pests at home. There are many homeowners who feel disturbed by the existence of termites because termites can damage all the furniture in their homes. Furniture made of wood is the best place for termites. If you have a lot of wooden furniture at home, then you can use the services of termite damage repair to avoid the presence of termites in your home. Termites must be killed because they can damage all your furniture.

Wooden furniture does look unique and sturdy. Unfortunately, this is the most easily damaged and porous furniture. However, there are several types of wood that are not eaten by termites. This type of wood can be used as furniture.

– Pinewood
In addition to often used for furniture materials, trees from wood can be used for bonsai plants. Furniture craftsmen often use this wood because the tree is easy to find so the availability is abundant.
These are the characteristics of pine wood:
The color is bright
Fine fiber
Soft texture
Vulnerable to being attacked by fungi

– Cedarwood
This type of wood comes from the Mediterranean or Himalayan regions. Cedar wood is often used to make wardrobes.
The characteristics of cedar wood are as follows:
Has good moisture as furniture;
Has resistance from cold and rainy weather;
Not easy to rot;
Has a fresh aroma;
Not susceptible to insect attacks and termites; and
The resin content can absorb odors and moisture.

– Mahogany
Mahogany has a relatively cheap price compared to teak wood when its form is still intact or in the form of logs. However, this will turn around when this wood has been processed into furniture. Mahogany has fine fibers and pores. In addition, the brownish red color will make the furniture look attractive.

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