You Must Use Your Shower Carefully And Clean In Regularly To Avoid These Problems

Bathing with a shower is fun and comfortable. However, you need to be careful and keep your shower clean, so you can avoid problems using the shower vanity clearance. Additionally, we also recommend you to install shower doors, so you can take a shower safely and comfortable with nice privacy.

The following problems can occur if you do not use the shower carefully and you do not clean it periodically:

Eye infection

The first organ that is most susceptible to the danger of bathing with a shower is the eye. The main problem that makes bathing in a showerless recommended is because of the large number of bacteria and mold in the water. Imagine how it would be if the water that was exposed to bacteria or fungi enter the eye, wouldn’t that be dangerous?

No kidding, the danger posed can cause inflammation to infection in the eye due to fungi such as Malassezia or Acanthamoeba bacteria.

Ear Infection

The next organ that has a high risk of being exposed to the danger of bathing in a shower is the ear. The main reason is almost the same, namely the exposure of bacteria and fungi in the water or nesting in the shower. The scientists discovered a bacterium called Pseudomonas aeruginosa as the main cause of ear infections.

In effect, these bacteria can cause you to experience a symptom called “swimmer’s ear” which is quite dangerous.

In addition, you will also experience other symptoms such as swelling, pain, itching in the ears, and hearing loss.

Danger to the skin

Not only that, bacteria and fungi contained in water and in the shower can also cause skin infections. This was proven through a study at the St. Hospital. Antonio Abate in Naples, Italy. The study found that contaminated bathing water is very vulnerable to cause infections in the skin in the body.

The results of this study can be known from a case that occurred in a woman in the local area. The woman was known to have waxed her legs, then after bathing in a shower contaminated with fungus, her legs immediately became infected.